Applying hair oil everyday?

Applying oil on your hair everyday?

We are here to answer the age old question, Can i put oil to my hair everyday? If you are among those who applying hair oil everyday please read this article carefully.

If you are using Satthwa Premium Hair Oil we recommend that you apply hair oil to your scalp and hair only 2 times a week but because of our Indian culture where applying oil on a daily basis is a norm, we get a lot of people asking why we recommend applying oil only 2 times a week and not everyday?

Firstly, we recommend applying the oil on the scalp and not just the hair, whereas people who apply oil on a daily basis, generally just pour a few drops of oil on their hands and then apply to their hair to get the shine and nothing else.


When you apply oil on your hair everyday, it attracts a lot of dust to your hair (especially here in India) and this dust also settles down on your scalp, not only does this clogs pores and creates excess oil on the scalp but it also increase your hair fall.

Now when your scalp is not clean and has dust on it and when you pour oil and massage your scalp, the dust particles rub against the skin and damages it. In the long run this friction can create bald spots as well.

Coming back to the reason why we recommend hair oil only 2 times a week and that to overnight. Hair Oil is something which give nourishment to the hair roots and also protect the scalp from infection etc. Applying 2 times a week makes sure that the rest of the week, your scalp pores remain unclogged and also that you do not need to use shampoo too often. We recommend a sulfate free shampoo when you do shampoo your hair.

Lastly, make sure when you use hair oil on your scalp, you gently massage the scalp with your fingers, what this does is increases the blood circulation to the hair roots which boosts hair health.

We suggest you check our video below on how to apply hair oil, this video is for both men and women.

14 thoughts on “Applying hair oil everyday?

  1. avatar Mansi Singh says:

    Good Read!
    Yeah, there are many benefits of applying hair oil on daily basis.

    Natural hair oil is the best way for getting healthy,glowing and shiny hair.

  2. avatar Team Satthwa says:

    @Raquel To apply oil, the scalp must be reasonably clean, free from dust and buildup. This is especially for India where daily there is a lot of dust and pollution which gets into the hair and scalp and if one applies only on the dirty scalp then when you massage the scalp might get damaged because of the dust rubbing against the skin. In other countries, this might not happen. Hope this answered your question.

  3. avatar Raquel says:

    I am bit confused here. To apply the oil
    the hair must be clean or it does not matter since I am going to wash on the next morning?
    Let’s say I spent all day out and the next morning day I applied the oil and leave it until the next morning day which is when I am going to wash it. Is it what youbare saying?

  4. avatar Satthwa says:

    @sanjana No, you should not do this, your scalp does not need hair oil to be applied daily. 2 times a week is good enough.

  5. avatar sanjana says:

    daily applying oil over night and bathing morning with shampoo is good


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