What your pimple is trying to tell you...

Causes of pimples

Pimple means ‘bad news'. A small pimple can spoil your entire plan. You keep your face very clean and apply effective face packs. You drink plenty of water too, but suddenly one morning, or any time of the day, a pimple pops up on your face.

We keep our face clean and can control the pimples caused by oil and pollution. However, if there is any disturbance inside the body, we won’t be able to stop the pimple unless we detect the problem.

How to know the cause of pimples?

Look at your face. Observe in which part you are getting pimples repeatedly. According to the Ancient Chinese System, a different part of our face is connected to different internal organs. When there is any problem in any internal organ, then a pimple pops up on the part of the face associated with that organ.

Pimple on the forehead

causes of pimple on forehead

Pimples on the forehead tell that your digestive system is not functioning properly. It is an indication that your digestive system is unable to digest certain types of foods, which means that either the liver or pancreas is unhealthy. Also, you are unable to complete your sleep due to stress.

For this, it is advised to eat bitter leaves of neem or papaya before having your meal. It will help your liver and digestive system to digest food. Also, don’t forget to take a sleep of 8-9 hours. Drinking lemon in lukewarm water is also considered beneficial.

Pimple between the eyebrows

causes of pimples between the eyebrows

If pimples have made their home in between your eyebrows, then understand that fried and roasted food is responsible for this. Also, excessive alcohol consumption can be responsible for this. So you already know how to avoid this.

Pimple on the cheek

causes of pimples on cheek

Pimples on the cheek area due to excessive sweating and pollution. Allergies in the lungs and respiratory tract also cause pimples on the cheek. If you are consuming too much sugar then understand that the pimples on your cheek are requesting you to eat less sugar. Sometimes indoor air is also very polluted. For this, planting indoor trees is also a good solution.

Pimple on the chin

causes of pimples on chin

Pimples on the chin are caused due to hormonal imbalance. That is why they often appear immediately before or after your periods. For this, pay attention to your diet. Follow a healthy diet and have plenty of dark chocolates.

Now you know the reasons why you are getting pimples at these parts of your face. To address these issues make a few lifestyle changes, practice good skincare and try topical treatments. It may help clear acne. Also, if these treatments are not effective, you can also see your dermatologist. 

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